Band T-Shirt Tuesday: Amyl and The Sniffers

Every Tuesday, I’m going to bring you on a visual journey through my 100s of band/artist tees! Brandi’s Band T-Shirt Tuesday! Follow along at #BrandisBandTees! 🎶👕🤘🏻

This mutt can’t be muzzled! B’s Band T-Shirt Tuesday, featuring @AmylAndTheSniffers! ⚡️⛓

Amyl and The Sniffers are undoubtedly one of my new favorite artists! In-your-face and down-to-Earth punk rock, baby! I first saw them live October 2018 at Baby’s All Right. They reinstill this sense of purpose within me as a music-lover AND as working behind-the-scenes for artists. At this point, they didn’t even have a full-length album out; I was fueled by their 2 EPS, and then 2 singles, going into the gig. From the moment Amy came out and said, “What’s up, cunts?!” to the room-wide mosh for the whole set, I WAS IN. The attitude, the music, all of it.

I was looking forward to their 3rd return to NYC in 2020…but Covid. I’m ashamed that I snoozed on buying a ticket to their second NYC gig in 2019; it was sold out, and any “in” I tried to pull was exhausted of any and all passes. Although I didn’t get my fix in the past 2 years, looking forward to it once live events return!

Go listen to their record now! And check out @caltexcowgirll’s dope features on the latest @sleaford_mods and @viagraboys! 🤘🏻⚡️

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