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QUICKIES: Episode 5

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL [QUICKIES] / EP 5: DESCRIPTION: Gooch and I get stoned and talk about his upcoming musical endeavors (he’s heading to Americana Fest with his band Gooch & The Motion to perform on Jam In The Van, and he’s performing at Teddy Pendergrass’s 70th Birthday Gala…nbd). Gooch is quadriplegic from an accident, and he is also in remission from battling leukemia; in order to curb the pain and manage the side effects of chemo, he smokes Mary Jane or eats edibles. Hopefully this High Times chat will be reoccurring and help fight the stigma that marijuana still carries in America and throughout the world. 🍁 STREAM EVERYWHERE HERE

Thoughts On Music: “Simple Song of Freedom” by Tim Hardin, Woodstock 50

This past Saturday I woke up late; I spent Friday night designing my mini-podcast logo and revamping my website. I put on a Woodstock playlist to internally and personally celebrate the 50th anniversary on the weekend it occurred. Throughout my existence, I’ve felt so close to Woodstock, even though I’ve never experienced it. The closest … Continue reading Thoughts On Music: “Simple Song of Freedom” by Tim Hardin, Woodstock 50

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