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Brandi also interviews badass women, creators & entrepreneurs, and other inspiring people. Power to the people!

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.” (Lester Bangs, Almost Famous)


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Episode 23: Desert of Talking Shadows, Orange County’s Alt/Hard Rock Trio

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 23: DESCRIPTION: Orange County’s alt/hard rock trio Desert of Talking Shadows join me to discuss how they formed, their debut album Foreshadowing released earlier this year, their success & milestones with their 2018 single “Crucify,” and what’s to come! I also fire some silly rapid fire questions!

Episode 20: Niclas Engelin, Guitarist for In Flames, Engel, We Sell The Dead

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 20: DESCRIPTION: Niclas Engelin, the guitarist for In Flames, Engel, and We Sell The Dead joins me to discuss his motto and vision “Obey The Riff,” making new music over the pandemic with his idols, and his record collection. He also teaches me how to say Batman in Swedish, and we chat about pastries. 🎸

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