Episode 27: Pi Stoffers of Lord Of The Lost, Representing Germany at Eurovision

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 27: DESCRIPTION: Pi Stoffers, the guitarist from Hamburg’s industrial metal-and-genre-fusing band Lord Of The Lost, set to represent Germany at Eurovision discusses the new album Blood & Glitter, winning the Eurovision preliminaries, and surprises for this summer’s live shows. 🎸🇩🇪🩸✨

Band T-Shirt Tuesday: Metallica / Stranger Things

Every Tuesday (or whatever day I want lol), I’m going to bring you on a visual journey through my 100s of band/artist tees! Brandi’s Band T-Shirt Tuesday! Follow along at #BrandisBandTees! 🎶👕🤘🏻 #BrandisBandTees featuring the mighty Metallica & Stranger Things collab 🦇😈🎸 @metallica @strangerthingstv …And I have bad luck with white tees, so documenting while it’s still ✨ … Continue reading Band T-Shirt Tuesday: Metallica / Stranger Things