Episode 28: You Bred Raptors? NYC’s Instrumental Post-Rock Trio

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 27: DESCRIPTION: NYC's instrumental post-rock trio You Bred Raptors? shares the how “sounding different” has given the band really cool opps, like membership of the Music Under New York Program, and dives into the band’s new album LYSINE. 🎸🎻🥁

Episode 27: Pi Stoffers of Lord Of The Lost, Representing Germany at Eurovision

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 27: DESCRIPTION: Pi Stoffers, the guitarist from Hamburg’s industrial metal-and-genre-fusing band Lord Of The Lost, set to represent Germany at Eurovision discusses the new album Blood & Glitter, winning the Eurovision preliminaries, and surprises for this summer’s live shows. 🎸🇩🇪🩸✨

Episode 26: The Velvicks, Brooklyn’s Brazilian Rockers

BRANDI IS GOING TO HELL / EP 26: DESCRIPTION: Brooklyn's Brazilian "stadium rock" rockers The Velvicks join me to share "Ldnyc (Lockdown NYC)" and how its airplay in Brazil unlocked a wave of new opportunities and the deeper narratives of the song. They also answer silly rapid-fire questions. 🎸🇧🇷