Band T-Shirt Tuesday: The Darkness

Every Tuesday (or whatever day I want lol), I’m going to bring you on a visual journey through my 100s of band/artist tees! Brandi’s Band T-Shirt Tuesday! Follow along at #BrandisBandTees! 🎶👕🤘🏻

Weird one ‘cos the band logo is BELOW the boob fold…here’s another #BrandisBandTees, featuring @thedarkness! 🎛️🎚️🎸

I’ve documented other Darkness tees in the past (hit the hashtag above to peep), and there WILL be more. That’s what happens when you buy a tee at every gig, and you’ve been to 🫢🤭 shows LOL.

They’re on tour in the UK right now with @blackstonecherryofficial and how sweet it’d be to see some face-melting riffs paired with pyro! 🧨💥 Instead, living vicariously through the band + fan account updates! 🤘

When I saw @Volbeat in Arnhem, I spotted another Darkness fan in the Parasite Pit with this exact shirt on, and gave him a tap/compliment. We’re everywhere! 😜

Also another fun-fact…‘PERMISSION TO LAND’ TURNS 20 IN JULY. OMG. 🫠🥹🥳😮‍💨😮‍💨

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